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Oct 29, 2021

ATTENTION Empaths & Sensitive Souls –  Which of the following do you identify with most?


Your eyesight becomes foggy and light looks distorted; everything looks blurry and you can’t seem to focus on the person you’re talking to.


You just can’t seem to concentrate. You find yourself circling around, you think you even might have ADHD; you just feel like you’re “bouncing all over.”


You’re on what seems like a roller coaster of emotions, quickly “pinging” from one thing to another. You don’t know where your emotions start and where they end - you can’t seem to make sense of it.


You try and try, and then you try again for the people you care about. You think you might even have OCD. You try to control the energy around you. You want things to go right and to be perfect, but you’re exhausted from always trying.


You feel a separation from yourself, and it’s even lower than a funk. You feel no faith in yourself; like you can’t take that next step forward. You feel like you don’t know who you are - depressed, sad, anxious, lost - you feel so much. You feel bombarded.


In today’s episode of Angel’s Don’t Lie, I share with you a little bit more insight on these Empath Identities and how they may be affecting you. We also receive heavenly guidances for our Call-In viewers, and explore collective messages together.




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