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Aug 25, 2023


Remember who you really are - reconnect to your inner wisdom. Experience life aligned with your soul's true purpose, free of blocks and pains, full of joy, fulfillment and abundance.

When you’re on your soul’s path, joy is present and miracles are a regular occurrence.

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Hello my beautiful friend and welcome back to Unconditionally Loved!

Today's episode features the wonderful Audrey Stinson, and trust me, you're in for an emotional, authentic, and enlightening conversation.

Audrey Stimpson is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor specializing in ADHD, autism, autoimmune, hormonal imbalances, and gut-brain health. 

We dive deep into Audrey's path of getting off Adderall, a medication she was on for 23 years, and how it led her to a profound realization about her identity and authenticity. Her journey of self-discovery shows us the power of stepping away from our comfort zones and breaking free from addictive patterns.

As we journey through Audrey's narrative, we also touch upon the importance of healing our bodies and minds holistically. She shares how her experiences shaped her approach to wellness, including gut healing and the mind-body connection.

As a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, Audrey is coaching others on their journey towards freedom from stimulants as well as others struggling with ADHD, autism, autoimmune, hormonal imbalances, and debilitating chronic health conditions due to poor gut health. 

Audrey's journey reminds us that healing isn't a linear path. We explore how setbacks, such as her son's diagnosis with cystic fibrosis, can both challenge us and inspire us to dig deeper into our healing process.

Through her journey, Audrey embodies the idea that you don't have to be fully healed to help others. Join us as we navigate the raw emotions, intimate revelations, and powerful insights that emerge from embracing vulnerability.

Get ready to be moved and inspired by her courage, authenticity, and dedication to creating positive change.

You are unconditionally loved!

Jeanne Street



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