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Sep 15, 2023

Hello, love and welcome back to Unconditionally Loved!


Today, on this special episode as part of my Miracle Minutes series, we'll treat you to a glimpse into a session with my beautiful Angel Healer Mastery group, where we bathed in creativity, sacred ceremony, and awakening our innate talents. 


These discussions hold the key to unlocking our God-given gifts because with the nurturing of our creative talents, our gifts begin to flourish.


Expect some journal prompts to help you tap into your inner wisdom. These prompts are designed to flow from your heart without overthinking.


As we open our hearts and hands, we invite Mary Magdalene to join us for this ceremony.


I just know you're going to cherish this session, and we've even prepared some journal prompts for you to explore your own creativity. 


I hope you relish this unique insight into this incredible group. If you're interested in joining our upcoming Angel Healer Mastery 2024, send me an email at


This transformative six-month journey is a God-based method for mediumship unlike any other.


Wishing you a beautiful day!


You are unconditionally loved!


Xx Jeanne



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