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Aug 18, 2023

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Hello my dear listeners and welcome back for a heart-to-heart episode of Unconditionally Loved. 

I'm Jeanne Street, your guide through these meaningful conversations, and today, I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to someone whose story resonates deeply with the essence of this podcast's name and mission.

**Please note that this episode contains a deeply heartfelt conversation including the topic of the loss of a child, your listening discretion is lovingly advised.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Lauryn Laszczak, a remarkable woman who wears many hats—Somatic Life + Business Coach, Retreat Leader, Grief Advocate, Wife, and Mom. 

Lauryn's journey is a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, exploration, and profound growth. As a 4x Female Founder, she guides women on a journey of self-discovery, helping them uncover the impact they can create through their businesses while fostering a lifestyle that's slow, intentional, and sacred.

Her creations extend beyond the realm of business; Lauryn is the visionary behind the Loss & Light™ Healing Affirmation Card Deck and a driving force behind transformative initiatives like Meadows Realty Group, Detroit Mobile Bar, and Retreat to Reclaim. Through these ventures, she leads women on immersive retreats that blend mindfulness, intention, and growth.

What truly sets Lauryn's approach apart is her dedication to a holistic way of living. In her coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats, she gracefully marries mind, body, and spirit, creating a nurturing space for focused growth. She empowers you to build a life and business that harmonizes with your natural rhythm, human design, and sacred feminine energy.

So I invite you to come and join us as Lauryn Laszczak shares her journey—a journey that goes beyond traditional narratives, inviting you to embrace your own path with love, authenticity, and purpose. 

As Lauryn says, "Embracing authenticity, vulnerability, and the innate wisdom of your body can pave the way for a life that's both meaningful and impactful." 

Get ready for an episode that will warm your heart, nourish your soul, and inspire you to wholeheartedly embrace "Embrace, Empower, and Evolve.”




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