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Feb 1, 2017


Welcome to Angels Don't Lie with Jeanne Street!  Jeanne is a God based medium, owner of Inspirit Healing Studio and author of the book The Goddess You.  Angels Don't Lie is a show dedicated to healing and love.  Jeanne takes live questions during the show or you can email a question to or check out her website

Broadcast : January 31st, 2017

Jeanne joins the show from her house as she nurses a cold. 
The show was AMAZING!  Jeanne talks about the book launch party and classes at Inspirit Healing Studio (see below).  Callers tonight had issues Jeanne addressed with the help of Spirit.  Our first caller, Susan, was told by her Dad to put down the packages of worry and grief she carries with her.  Jeanne tackled candida with our second caller Valerie and recommended the candida diet.  Find out more information at
Inspirit Healing Studio Class Schedule

The Goddess You is on sale as we speak on Amazon and Barnes and Noble !
Book Signing January 26th at Inspirit Healing Studio 
Jeanne Street
The Goddess YouInspirit Healing Studio
Kari Designs Hypnosis Center of Connecticut
Salt of the Earth Therapeutic SpaCelebrated Face

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