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Feb 21, 2018

Tonight is all about callers!  Jeanne starts the show and the callers stacked up immediately!  So many prayers are needed for these brave people calling in to hear from the angels and their loved ones.  Jeanne, as always, was up to the task and gave much needed loving guidance.  Jeanne also had some time to chat with John Bordeau from The Owl Wine Bar.  Jeanne and John have an event planned at Hunt Hill Farms in New Milford CT.  Spirits with Spirits is Thursday February 22nd.  Tickets still available. 

Brenna from Ohio called to hear what the angels had for her.  She has surgery for arthritis and was feeling a little anxiety.  Armillio from Connecticut called to connect with his father.  Great message!  Jenn from Connecticut called for some help around her relationship.  Jeanne talked about feeling safe and reaching out right away if you don't feel safe.  She shared the Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 and the local Danbury CT number - 203-731-5206. Susan (Jenn's mother!) called to talk with Jeanne.  She was looking for some help with her move and grieving from the loss of her husband.  It has been over a year and it seems even harder now. 
Roz from Connecticut called about a career change.  Jeanne can feel how her current position is so taxing and not fulfilling for her.  Listen to what the angels say for Roz.  Hanna from Michigan called to hear from the angels.  She is job hunting and is having some conflict.  This one will make you smile!  Last but not least our pal, K'Rina called because the angels told her to talk to Jeanne.  So much fun!  Whew!  Jeanne also replied to some emails (Charlotte, Sylvia, Aga) and some shout outs too!  Prayers for Mary's daughter who was in labor during the show!
Wellness tip - Golden Berries (also known as Physalis peruviana or goose berries) - South American fruit that’s highly concentrated with nutrients.  Jeanne lists some the amazing properties of this Superfood - flushes the lymphatic system, cancer fighter, reduces inflammation and much more!

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