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Jan 26, 2022

Welcome to the 204th episode of Angels Don't Lie with your host Jeanne Street. In today’s episode, Jeanne closes out this month’s Prayer Life and Manifesting series by sharing the story behind the release of her first book, “The Goddess You, Principles for Living in Soul Alignment.” 

As we celebrate the six-year anniversary of her very first book signing on January 26th, 2017, Jeanne shares with sincere vulnerability the struggles that she faced in not only writing this book, but in writing a book with dyslexia and the limiting self-talk that came from identifying as an author. 

The “I’m not,” the “I can’t,” the “I won’t,” the “I don’t look like them,” “I don’t have those talents or gifts….”. 

Jeanne shares that these limiting beliefs were holding her back from her true potential. 

But with the help from a dear friend, Colleen Fairchild - Jeanne was able to hone in, focus, manifest and come to love-on the identity of being an author, but more importantly - she was able to put EGO to rest.

The more that she let go of what she had framed herself to be, and instead listened to God - she found that these “titles” (like the title author) don’t have the real value that she was putting on them.

“To say I’m an author is claiming the beauty that God gifted me with, it doesn’t have to do with formulating, trying and overdoing - it has to do with leaning into his arms, embracing his words and his love. I stopped questioning ‘AM I doing this right?’ And instead, I leaned in with GODfidence.”


What is the thing you are desiring most? Creating, doing, becoming?

“What am I actually saying to myself?”

“What are the storylines behind what is coming before me?”

“What has the outside world taught me, And how can I let it go?”


We step into the first Goddess Principle from this book– Quieting our Mind: we can’t do anything without quieting our mind.


GODFIDENCE - If he loves and trusts me this much, why am I not trusting myself?....


There is a reason why you have been led to listen today, you may be healing from grief, or looking to connect with a past loved one, or maybe you’re just looking for guidance in your life; to raise your vibration, feel uplifted and connected to a Divine higher power and your higher self - no matter where you are on your journey and path, you’re in the perfect place. We hope you enjoy the 204th episode of Angels Don’t Lie.




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