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Feb 13, 2018

Jeanne starts the show talking about debilitating anxiety and a group reading from Saturday.  No sooner did she start talking about it the calls started coming in and the first about that very thing.  Tonight was one for the callers to get help with some healing and connection to spirit. 

Send out prayers for our brave callers tonight!  Melissa from Indianapolis, called to talk about her severe depression.  She is an empath and Jeanne can feel it causing her issues.  Melissa feels disconnected from God and Jeanne has some great advice.  Rachel from Michigan, our regular listener and caller, called to connect with her grandfather.  Jeanne can feel a special bond.  Her grandfather has some advice for Rachel.  Have fun!  Vanessa from Fort Wayne, Indiana, called to connect with her twin sister, Valerie, who passed away about 5 years ago.  Vanessa feels she never connected with Valerie.  Jeanne explains Valerie is there ready to communicate with her. 

Very emotional call, leaving KJ in tears!
Wellness tip - Matcha Tea - 1 cup equals 10 cups of regular green tea, cancer fighter, antioxidant, boosts metabolism, enhances mood and listen as Jeanne tells even more great properties of this amazing tea

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