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May 10, 2024

The Healer Inside: You Were Born This Way:

Hello love, I know that you are sensitive and feel others' energy deeply and have gotten caught up in a loop of their energy. 

Which confuses your senses and creates blocks to receiving the signs, guidance and yumminess God has for you. 

Here’s the thing, not knowing what yours or theirs exhausts your energy because you are constantly trying to figure out WHAT you feel and understand WHY you feel it. 

I used to believe that being overly sensitive was what was wrong with me. 

As it turns out, this is what is RIGHT with me and for the work I do in this world. 

Your life is sacred my friend, and so is your ability to sense energy deeply. Your work in this world is reliant on the spectacular gifts that you came to this life with. 

Healing work is intimate and profound.

And, I believe fully in saying YES to God. When we trust His guidance he will lead us to the people, places and experiences that support our souls growth. 

Trust that God has placed your next right steps for your life within your view!

God has called me to do with a FREE experience called FORTIFY!

To fortify your heart against spiritual attack is the number one thing you can do to put an end to all the swirly energy coming at you. Which is WHY I am leading this FREE Healer activation program that includes 3 virtual calls and practical experience with me.

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I will be your guide to accessing the Heavenly realm and receiving messages, wisdom, and healing grace that will inspire and inform your soul to shine confidently.

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