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Aug 11, 2023

Welcome back to Unconditionally Loved!

Today I invite you to dive deep with me into a soul-stirring conversation with the incredible Mellissa Seaman, business strategist, intuitive channel, world renowned retreat leader, sought after media speaker, and host of the Channel Your Genius podcast. 

Mellissa bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive development to guide professional women in midlife to clarify their deepest purpose, do business with heart and ease, and step into a new level of leadership as what she calls Wise Women Queens. 

Mellissa's unique gifts allow her to connect with energy and guide you to work with your own intuitive talents.

In this episode, she takes us on a journey through her life's transformation from a logical lawyer to a powerful intuitive channel. We explore her experiences of bridging her analytical background with her newfound spiritual insights, all while sharing a candid and intimate discussion about the struggles and breakthroughs that come with embracing our true calling.

We discuss the challenges Mellissa faced as she integrated her spiritual awakening into her conventional life, her unique approach to helping others unleash their intuitive potential, and how to navigate the intricate dance between the material and spiritual worlds. 

We also dive into the topic of charging for sacred work and the deep value that flows from embracing our gifts.

Mellissa has guided her clients to six million dollar windfalls, creating fun business quizzes that go viral, and new careers that integrate their intuitive gifts without losing respect, relationships, or revenue.

If you're a seeker, a visionary, or someone looking to unlock their innate intuitive abilities, this episode is a must-listen. 

Join us as we explore the realms of transformation, spiritual growth, and unconditionally loving the journey we're all on. 

Tune in now and get ready to embark on a profound conversation that might just ignite a new chapter in your life's journey.

Want more of Mellissa? 

Check out the Channel Your Genius podcast, and take the Soul Gift Quiz to learn your deepest gift in less than 2 minutes!



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