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Sep 11, 2020

 I love this Angels Don't Lie episode so much because my friend Kathy is a super empowered woman who leads women to feel strong and confident in their bodies. 

Through her Little Black Dress challenge, Kathy guides women to lift weights and loose inches. It includes a gentle cleanse with how to's and exercises along with a online community of supportive women. 

This year I am joining her Little Black Dress challenge as well as sharing nutritional tips and how to's, Angel Cards, Guided Meditation and Goal setting with the Angels! It's supper fun and easy to join, the link is below! 

FACEBOOK : Get Fit with Kathy Henkel

Kathy has a mission to help and inspire other women expand their vision when it comes to exercise and fitness. With 30+ years in the fitness industry she embodies what it means to "walk your talk". She is a former studio owner, personal trainer, motivator, instructor and lover of life! Kathy teaches all forms of exercise; strength training, boxing, barre, and more... Most importantly Kathy loves women of all ages, body types and sizes and nothing pleases her more than supporting women to find their inner resilience while building their outer body strength through exercise and community. Her younger cheerleader self is always rooting for the win when it comes to supporting her women!