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Mar 29, 2024


You carry within you a particle of the cross.

Without the cross, Your Pain is pain. Your suffering on it's own is hard & lonely. 

When your suffering is united with Jesus, your pain has a purpose. Your suffering has meaning and your failure is fruitful.

In your radical acceptance of the cross your surrender is giving God access to the suffering, pain and failures of your life. 

Surrender isn't weakness or giving up. It is not passive. Surrender is deep, intimate and vulnerable work. You are exposing that which is burdening your mind and your heart.

Today, you are going to go on a journey through the stations of the cross. Your experience through this meditative channeled experience will shake some things up within you. You will experience a wide range of emotions. Trust yourself to feel these out. Know that you are held in so much love and respect for all that you've been through in this life thus far. 

Stay with me all the way through and I promise that as we come to the close you will have transcended some blocks and healed a separation to love that you didn't know existed. 

I am here for you, and you are Unconditionally Loved!



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